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Stef likes to look up at the stars, to remind herself that the Creator of this vast universe is great enough to know her name and all the intimate details that come with being a Stefanie Mae Juan, or, as she would like to be called, a Stef. She loves new things and experiences, and she constantly praises God for being the God of new things. She is in love with her Creator, Savior, Father, and King. She trusts Him implicitly, knowing that He has a purpose and a plan for everything, and His timing is always perfect. And everything is about giving Him the utmost glory. And she is ever so grateful that she is called to be his daughter and that He would be glorified in her life—including all her mess ups.

Stef is a work in progress.

She likes to think of herself as an artist, using words to paint pictures in the air for the mind to see. She loves irony, but always given to sarcasm. So more often than not, people don’t know what to do with her. But she loves her friends. She would like to think that she is fiercely loyal, and generous—but that’s just what she would like to think, who knows what her friends think?

In one sense, she is fearless—almost never backing down from a dare to the point of recklessness, and always willing to learn, to jump into the unknown just because it’s there, but at times she is afraid of failure, of being too careless and breaking things beyond repair. But God is teaching her these days to let go of those fears because He’s got everything in control.

And one day at a time, Stef is learning.

You can follow Stef’s progress on Twitter.

There’s also facebook, of course. And you can also check out her old blogs: here and here.

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