when people are people

Ok, upon writing the title of this blog post, I just heard the chorus of Ed Sheeran’s overplayed song in my head. But this post has nothing to do with the song. I just thought that I’d come to the blog without any agenda for today, even if I do have a prepared topic to […]

Grateful 34 part 1

Yes, I am 34 now. No amount of compliments that I don’t look like my age can change that. And I have to say that 34 feels a lot different from 33, or 30. Unlike the years before, that just blend into the next, 34 feels like a huge cog in the wheel resounding with a solitary […]

If/When I get a tattoo, I have decided that it’s going to be just one word, in English (no fancy Elvish/Chines/Hebrew/Whathaveyou script for me), and it would say:


But lately, as you can see from my intermittent blog posts here, it seems like I have been stuck in a rut where I have gotten comfortable in misery. And I notice that I have been scared to get out of it, no matter how miserable I am already. This is just plain stupid already.

And God’s calling me out of it, reaching out with his hand, but I have curled up in a ball, too inexplicably scared to even give Him my hand.

Deep breath. I need to do this. I’ve spent enough time stuck in the mire.

So here goes. This week, things will change.

They have to.

Wake up, sleeper. Get moving.

Today’s surrender is tomorrow’s freedom. We come to you and lay our burdens down. (All Sons and Daughters) Last week came and went so fast and I was so tired through it all that I didn’t really feel or take note of what was happening, just finishing what was required. By the weekend, I was […]

Yesterday, through happily teary eyes, I witnessed my good friends Daphne and Aleks get married.Until now I can’t tell their story without getting a lump in my throat because it’s just heart-achingly beautiful. Yes, it has a lot of heartbreak and a Great Sadness at the beginning, but it also has courage, faith, redemption–and love […]

  M: How’s it been? Me: Good. A little busy. A little lonely. A little awesome. GOOD. M: That’s good. Aww… a little lonely? (Haha thought of lonely island just now) Me: Haha. Yep. That’s me. Stef, the lonely island. M: Do you see this as a ‘problem’ that needs to be solved? Me: Not […]