just between You and me

second wind

   “I will sing, sing, sing  to my God, my King For all else fades away And I will love, love, love  with this heart You made  For You’ve been good always” Still in awe from last night’s Acoustic Worship at Union Church. I’ve had three people pray for me before I went on stage […]

Thank you, Lord, for the weekend. It was all your idea, I know. You didn’t have to rest, but you did So we’ll learn when to take it slow You only rested on the 7th day But, we got the 6th day off too. So there’s five days for work, then one for me, and […]

Dear God, It’s me again. I need you, because I’m doubting again. I’ve been doing (and not doing) things that make me doubt that I belong to You at all. Is this how to approach this realization from the other side– from the side of someone who’s grown up on everything that a good Christian […]

Do I dare? Well, You did say we need to pray bigger prayers. And I shall expect great things from You, my Great God.

I saw this picture on National Geographic’s Facebook page, and it just blew me away. I had to write something:  God, the artist who paints the heavenlies with light darkness gravity and the explosions of the sun. Who are we that You would care to reach down from the heavens and paint Your own image […]

When You said, “Deny Yourself.” I said, “I do that all the time.” I do right, I eat right, I try not to say the wrong things. I make friends with all the right people. I go out of my way to help people (and try not to complain (much) when it’s too out of […]

Lord, thank You for all my days. 31 years is a long time to be faithful without fail. Thank You for my Dad, my Mom, my Sisters and Brother. Thank You for my Cat, the other cat and the dog My friends at from childhood, at church, at work Those random people I meet and […]