in house

Thank you, Lord, for the weekend. It was all your idea, I know. You didn’t have to rest, but you did So we’ll learn when to take it slow You only rested on the 7th day But, we got the 6th day off too. So there’s five days for work, then one for me, and […]

Ok, upon writing the title of this blog post, I just heard the chorus of Ed Sheeran’s overplayed song in my head. But this post has nothing to do with the song. I just thought that I’d come to the blog without any agenda for today, even if I do have a prepared topic to […]

Grateful 34 part 1

Yes, I am 34 now. No amount of compliments that I don’t look like my age can change that. And I have to say that 34 feels a lot different from 33, or 30. Unlike the years before, that just blend into the next, 34 feels like a huge cog in the wheel resounding with a solitary […]

I had a hard time breathing today… well, I still do. And it doesn’t have anything to do with being sick, well, not physically. But my chest felt tight all day, I had a hard time focusing on work and I was wound up so tight I was afraid other people could hear the twanging […]

I’ve been contemplating about the subject of truth and love all week. How, as followers of Christ, we can live in the tension between the two of them. If you haven’t felt the tension, or haven’t really thought about it, think of the last time you had to forgive a friend or a loved one […]

Said goodbye to too many friends, one after the other this year (and we’re only in the first quarter). Parents of friends have gone as well. I never thought this season will come so soon. My parents go to wakes and funerals all the time, because they are older now. Death happens with age. But […]

  In case you still haven’t heard, Merlin (my beloved Cat) had to go through an emergency surgery procedure on his urinary bladder because it was clogged with stones and it nearly burst. Once again, in the 11 and a half years of having him as my cat, I was overwhelmed by just how much […]

“Forsaking morbid introspection and fruitless heart excavation trips. Instead, recognizing and receiving R.A. Torrey’s encouragement that ‘if there’s anything that always comes up when you get nearest to God, that is the the thing to deal with.’ What a relief and a good mindset even in working with helping people through their stuff.  Oh, we […]

For some reason, Mondays have been especially hard to face these past few weeks. And today is no exception. I slept at around 5am (it was a little bit light out already when I turned in) so when I woke up at 8am, my body’s buzzing with lack of rest and I spent another in […]

Ever since Obama announced his support for gay marriages in the United States, there have been a lot of comments and posts from people who either support it or who are against it (but then again, this issue has been hot for a long time anyway). Prominent people who are vocally against it are soundly […]