Out of the dust

photoYesterday, through happily teary eyes, I witnessed my good friends Daphne and Aleks get married.Until now I can’t tell their story without getting a lump in my throat because it’s just heart-achingly beautiful. Yes, it has a lot of heartbreak and a Great Sadness at the beginning, but it also has courage, faith, redemption–and love that just did not give up. Watching it come together in that fine end of summer afternoon in Tagaytay was just amazing.

“Your story gives me hope,” I wrote at the back of my place card that served as their guest book.

I saw how Daphne got her heart broken and her first wedding called off. She shared her healing process to us, full of grace and humility–without an an ounce of bitterness. And I got to watch as she opened her heart to love once again from the man who could’ve easily given up long before. She told me about the “unforced rhythms of grace” in her journey to the altar with Aleks. And now their prayers have been answered, and at the end of that road is another one where they will walk together as man and wife.

There is no heart too broken for God to make whole again.

And God, in His amazing and awesome power, once again makes beauty out of ashes.

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