Help these kids walk proud this Christmas

Children of the 80s, remember that Mighty Kid Christmas commercial where the kid in the car gave his shoes to the street kid? The memory still makes me teary-eyed because it was a rather selfless act in a holiday where sometimes it’s about receiving presents. And he was a really cute chubby kid so happy with his shoes until he saw someone who needed them more.

Anyway, my friend is organizing a gift campaign to give shoes to the children in poor communities. all you have to do is pick a kid (or more) by tagging or leaving a comment under his/her pictures. and you can receive his/her shoe outline via email. buy her/him a pair of shoes. I can organize a one-time drop-off at my friend’s if ever you guys want to join. :) I participated last year and it was nice to go shoe shopping for children who I know don’t get new shoes all that often.

so, game? It’ll certainly make their Christmas. :)

To see the Facebook album click here.



5 thoughts on “Help these kids walk proud this Christmas

  1. Stef says:

    Yey! Just tag yourself on the pic of the kid you wantto buy shoes for. :)

  2. CyanFox says:

    AWW i’d have to reactivate my FB account??? c’mon! >_<

  3. Stef says:

    ay oo nga no? sige, i’ll pick for you na lang. how many do you want to get? boy or girl?

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