pangontraburnout (a (sort of) psalm of thanksgiving)

i’m tired. i feel it from my skin down to my bones.
my eyes are half closed and my heart throbs like so:
one.. and a two… and again.
all i want is to be still

when i’m tired, every word is a barb to be thrown back at you
each request is too heavy to bear
a prayer is a cry for help
each tear burns in despair

but You, my God, are greater
than everything I throw Your way
greater than all my whining and tantrums
bigger than all the problems I make for myself

You carved the roads through the wilderness
make the sun rise from the east in glorious display
You fan the wind on my back
and lend a song to go with my day

You open doors before me
and windows to let the air and light come in
You bring friends with arms to hold
and a family to put up with me.

Oh, Lord, my God, my comfort and strength
my heart rejoices, give thanks
and will keep on singing your praise
for all my hours and days

(I am living by Your grace).


2 thoughts on “pangontraburnout (a (sort of) psalm of thanksgiving)

  1. Liza says:

    We’re here Stef, your WIN family:)

  2. Stef says:

    hahaha! i know liz! i thank GOd for you guys!

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