Daily Archives: September 10, 2010

Truth Thursday: Yes, Thank You!

This was harder than I expected it to be, to think I was the one who came up with that question for Truth Thursday. I’m going to try to get over three. Because, there are really so many things to be grateful for, we just have to tilt our minds a certain way to see it that way.

Yes, it often sounds insane, but that’s one of the many things I’ve been learning from Elvie. :)

1. Ex-boyfriends. But, Lord, I think I’ve had enough. hahaha! It’s still difficult even as I type this. But they’re right, every ex-boyfriend could be a step closer to the Right One.

2. Rejection. Not that I want more of it, and no, I’m not just talking about ex-boyfriends, although a couple of them do figure into this. Because, by God’s grace, I got to experience just how profound healing and how sweet acceptance could be after being rejected. And vindication always comes, and you’ll know what it is. It’s almost supernatural.

3. Irreversible mistakes. Not just because I’ve learned loads from them, but also because I got to receive the best and wisest words from my mom about this– something that I keep on repeating to myself– “Tapos na yan.”(It’s done.)

4. Bills. They let me know what I can afford now (and what I can’t). They also keep my attachment to money at bay.

5. Traffic jams. Yes, they still frustrate and tire me out some times, but they are also those pockets of quiet in my day. They also give me time to put on my makeup.

6. Scars. (added after reading Janary’s   Truth Thursday post because I forgot to put this in originally, but I was really going to put this on my list!) I have…  five major scars– three from surgeries, one second-degree burn, and a mystery scar that i forgot where I got it from. Then there are scars (in here). I love them, they tell stories of survival, hard lessons learned, and they’re reminders to myself and to others that I’m not so perfect after all. :P