can you see?

To some, God is discoverable everywhere; to others, nowhere. Those who do not find Him on earth are unlikely to find Him in space. (Hang it all, we’re in space already; every year we go a huge circular tour in space.) But send a saint up in a spaceship and he’ll find God in space as he found God on earth. Much depends on the seeing eye.

(C.S. Lewis)

I found this quote from C.S. Lewis’ The Joyful Christian just this morning and it’s so cool to see that even one of my favorite writers acknowledge Godspotting.

Yes, it does depends on the seeing eye. God is always there, His hand orchestrating things, even if we don’t understand what’s happening at first. I have to admit that there are really days when I’m too down or too busy or just too tired to muster up the energy to Godspot. Yes, sometimes it does require some effort, but there are days too when you just see Him there, right in front of your nose and there’s no denying it.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Yesterday was hard. I just got back from a relaxing weekend in Batangas and I get to work expecting that all the work that we’ve put in last week would be done– because we really should have been done already. But just as we were about to turn in the magazine for printing, one of the bosses of the boss intercepted it, didn’t like what she saw and now wants to do an overhaul.

And we thought we’re a week ahead of the deadline for the very first time. I thought I was doing a good job.

So… our deadline was extended so we can work on this issue some more. It’s really frustrating because we worked our butts off to meet their crazy deadlines and now looks like we’ll be late once more.

But on the train on my way home, I found myself, instead of complaining to God about my bosses, really joyful and grateful. Because, for some strange, and seemingly masochistic, reason I welcome their corrections and comments that require even more work and effort for us. Because I know that it will make for a better product. I guess once we’re past our automatic reaction and rejection to anything that requires more effort than what we’ve already put in, it’s by God’s grace that we can see beyond all the work to something really great coming out of it.

Plus, as a person who has a predilection to laziness, I welcome anything that keeps me from my just sitting on my ass all day.

It reminded me of how my parents used to expect and demand more from us because they know that we’re better than what we’re settling for. I’m glad that even as I’m now an adult, God’s still on my case, cheering and oftentimes pushing me to excellence, because He knows what I’m capable of. He’s the one who made me after all.

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